Residence permits of foreigners in Slovenia, with biometrics

10 januarja, 2022

Genis enables the Register of Foreigners with the possibility of issuing residence permits to citizens of third countries with biometric facial images and fingerprints.

We created an upgrade for the Register of Foreigners with new capabilities for biometric residence permits of foreigners in the Republic of Slovenia. This Genis information solution is based on the use of SDM (Modern workplace) and allows the Ministry of Internal Affairs to ensure the efficient and safe execution of the entire process from the issuing of new permits, the taking of biometric data at administrative units, to the final delivery of the biometric residence permit.

The Republic of Slovenia has in accordance with the Council of Europe Regulation (EC). 380/2008 layed down a uniform format for residence permits for  third country nationals to start issuing biometric residence permits (BDP). A biometric facial image has been given as the primary biometric data on the chip , the secondary biometric data two biometric fingerprints (flat fingerprints of the left and right index finger or another two, if capture is not possible of the first two). The Ministry of Internal Affairs has decided to establish a system for issuing of BDP on 3rd March 2011. The system includes upgrades of the Register of Foreigners to biometric data with Genis’s SDM, with which the administrative units have already issued biometric passports, identity cards and other personal documents.

Applicants were invited to submit their information to the diplomatic missions and consular posts, where they will produce the served documents. The administrative official at the window will, in addition to collecting standard personal data, simultaneously carry out verified biometric capture photos or transfer it via the e-Photographer application and capture two fingerprints. The issue of biometric authorization which will be similar to the issue of other biometric documents in the Republic of Slovenia, will operate with full transparency in the standard time frame. The new register will keep records of notifications of loss in the event that the client loses a permit or misplaces it in any other manner.

"The entire process of preparing an application for a permit does not take longer than a few minutes, In the Register of Foreigners, they then complete the entire process of issuing decisions and, consequently, the residence permit card for which the manufacturer has obtained the information from the registry card, prepared and forwarded it to the appropriate administrative unit, where the card is handed to the party."

Aleš Šuštaršič
Aleš Šuštaršič

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