In short

Genis d.o.o. has been active on the Slovenian market for more than 27 years and currently has more than 33 employees. With our presence in Gorenjska (Kranj), we are connected with the whole of Slovenia and across borders. In addition to enabling custom development in the economy and public administration, we position ourselves on the market as a quality, stable and long-term business partner.

Excellent business partners

With a wide portfolio of solutions, we can be a long-term partner for production and service companies.

Stable partners

We have balanced sources of income, as in addition to the premium partner for the public administration, we are also one of the key partners for information support in the operation of business.

Technologically advanced

We are the only provider of digital business solutions that operate on the platforms of leading technology providers Microsoft, IBM, HCL and Oracle, as well as on open source technologies.

Employee education

We take care of a good work culture and continuous education and certification of employees. The result is an extremely low employee turnover.

User satisfaction

Long-term contracts and high customer satisfaction is one of our most important values and goals every year.

Advanced services

We are focusing on a service business model and a know-how concept for our clients.

Certificates confirm our good work

Registered trademarks

Genis Information Solutions have been registered trademarks since 2001, which confirms our innovative contribution to the development of digital business.

Legally adapted solutions

All solutions are adapted to Slovenian legislation and comply with all legal regulations and we also comply with the GDPR regulation.

Quality certificates

In addition to the approved internal rules, Genis has also had a certificate for the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system for more than 12 years, and since autumn 2012 a certificate for the 27001: 2013 standard.

Company values

Our mission

Improving business by introducing best practices in the organization, processes and use of information technology.

Our promise

Together we create solutions with the greatest value for your business.

Our vision

Becoming a leading partner in the field of business digitalization with environmentally friendly solutions.

Our essence

Cooperation, creativity, agility (diligence), respect and empathy.

Our management team

Each department operates under the auspices of leaders who take care of motivation, confidence, cooperation and commitment to projects.

Janko Štefančič


Stane Štefančič

Founder and procurator

Aleš Šuštaršič


Tomaž Kreševič


Andrej Brlečič


Our story




























Digitization of organizations

We could say that the year 2021 was marked by an increase in demand for solutions for the digitalization of business in various industries. In addition to introducing additional modules to key users, we were successful in acquiring new business. We introduced the process document system to Grawe Zavarovalnica, one of the largest marketing agencies Herman & partners, and further strengthened our presence in the hotel industry with the introduction of Thermana Laško. Among production companies, the start of a large-scale project of digitization of work processes in Medex and digitalization of the entire contract management process in TKK stood out the most. We have successfully completed a large-scale expansion of the document system at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. Based on new projects, we have deepened our expertise in integration with global business solutions SAP S / 4HANA and Microsoft Dynamics 365, as well as with local ERP systems such as MIT Orchestra, Opal and Laser Line.

Entering COVID times

We entered the year of great business and social changes equipped with many new projects. Despite the extremely difficult situation for teams based on effective teamwork, we have successfully connected remote collaborators. On the wings of accelerated digitalization, we started developing a new information solution for managing technical and organizational documentation in the e-GenDoc process document system, in which we combined previously separate e-TehDok and e-OrgDok modules and upgraded them with e-Process capabilities. An important milestone is the beginning of the development of a completely new management system for SAP S / 4HANA environments, with which we want to offer managers at the highest level effective management leverage based on the latest digital approaches. We have entered into new partnerships, where we should definitely mention the two-year Business Budy project, within which intelligent process-document services in the cloud for the next generation of digital business were created. All users of the leading information solution for managing received invoices Genis e-Invoices have been transferred to the latest version, which uses the eSLOG 2.0 format. With the new format of electronic invoices, we also supported the i-Invoices module for monitoring and sending electronic invoices in the e-GenDoc process document system and the i-Invoices cloud service, which is used mainly by micro and small companies. Our digital business best practices have found a place with new partners in manufacturing, tourism and other service industries. With the introduction of the companies Terme Tuhelj and Jadran Crikvenica, we charted the path to the Croatian tourism industry. Among the major deals is the launch of the e-GenDoc system at SIBO G, with other users expanding their digital business system with additional e-GenDoc modules.

Success is the word

We responded to the growing demands for digitalization and use of cloud services and overhauled the technical design of the e-GenDoc process document system on the Microsoft platform. In the e-GenDoc process document system, we improved support for language and legislative localization, thus enabling the rapid preparation of document solutions for new markets. The novelty enables international companies or business groups to support the digital operations of subsidiaries in various countries with one installation of a document system. We carried out an extensive project to unify the process document system in the Wietersdorfer Group, where we expanded good practice from the Salonit Anhovo Group to 30 companies in Austria, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia, while also supporting local legislation and standards in the field of e-commerce. This year was especially successful for Genis in terms of the introduction of document solutions for new customers, including: Bankart, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Schäfer Rolls, Terme Olimia and TKK.

Digital contract signing

We have offered a new e-Process module, which upgrades the e-GenDoc document system by quickly preparing custom workflows. One of the first work procedures supported in the e-Process module is the preparation of contracts. We renovated the central document module e-Office and expanded the filing of received and submitted documents by managing internal documentation and the system for managing electronic folders. We upgraded e-GenDoc with GDPR support and redesigned the subsystem for capturing and automatically recognizing electronically received documents. We upgraded the SimplDox document system for small businesses and working groups by digitally signing contracts in accordance with the EIDAS regulation and was the first in Slovenia to offer digital business using trust services. Among the most important projects was the introduction of BTC's central office based on the e-Office solution and support for the process of preparing, managing and archiving contracts with the e-Process and e-Contract solutions. In the field of digitalization of public administration, we performed IT support for the 2018 local elections.

Horizon 2020

We successfully performed at the world's largest information technology fair CeBIT in Hanover, where we presented solutions for the digitization of the purchasing process in Industry 4.0. The e-GenDoc process document system was offered as a cloud software service by Pošta Slovenije. We have established a new SimpleDox brand for an innovative document system designed for small businesses and workgroups. For the innovative Digital Alive Pension service, we obtained the Seal of Excellence and co-financing from the Horizon 2020 program. DAP enables state administrations to digitally exchange documents between pension and financial institutions and recipients of pensions from other countries. The service is based on the use of state-of-the-art technologies and approaches such as cloud computing and blockchain. As one of the first companies, we renewed the certificate for the quality management system according to the latest edition of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Business and measures

We reaffirmed our commitment to providing technologically independent and strategic information solutions. With the offer of e-Invoices® OS, e-Office® OS and e-Contract modules, we transferred the best practices of digital business in the procurement process to the standard open source platform JBoss / PostgreSQL. Users of Genis solutions on the Microsoft SharePoint platform were offered a new version of the module for managing received invoices, e-Računi®. Market needs and new customers have encouraged us to develop new solutions, especially in the field of business management and sales projects. We started with the development of the e-Business solution on the Microsoft SharePoint platform for managing purchasing and sales transactions in medium and large companies, and with the development of the e-Projects solution. In the last quarter, we redesigned the user interface of the e-GenDoc document system, adding new capabilities for working with documents in addition to improving the user experience. In cooperation with international consortia, we conducted presentations for the sale of Genis state registers to African countries.

Automatic data capture

The year 2015 set a special milestone in Genis ’development. Right at the beginning of the year, we offered our first real i-Invoice cloud software service for creating, sending and storing electronic invoices. In response to the challenges of companies in sending and receiving electronic invoices, we have offered the Gen4PDF service, which is intended for automated data capture to create invoices from PDF files. Its innovation and market potential were also recognized by the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia and the Genis was awarded a silver prize for innovation. Cloud services have become a new pillar of Genis' offer, which we have strengthened with the i-Business service for document management, activity monitoring and cooperation with suppliers and customers. As part of preparations for the sale of Genis state registers and other solutions for eGovernment in foreign markets, we acquired the statuses of Oracle Database Ready, Oracle Solaris Ready, Oracle Exadata Ready and Oracle SuperCluster Ready.

Invoicing and management service - i-Invoices

We acquired a strategically important project for the introduction of paperless operations in the procurement process for Odelo Slovenija, which is owned by the German company Odelo GmbH. With the acquisition of the project in Istrabenz Turizem, we took over the largest market share in the segment of hotel services in Slovenia. With the acquisition of projects in TKK and Komunala Radovljica, we entered the segment of users of the expanded business information system Largo. We have offered a new, user-friendly e-OrgDok Lite document system on the IBM XWork Server platform. We have provided the users of our solutions with secure storage of electronic documentation in accordance with the amendment to the ZVDAGA legislation in our data center. We set up a strategy for the development of new cloud services for small and medium-sized enterprises and began developing an innovative cloud service for the preparation, distribution and storage of electronic invoices i-Invoices.

Project management system

At the most important Oracle business meeting in Slovenia, Oracle day 2013, we premiered the e-Invoices® 3.0 WL information solution on Oracle WebLogic and Oracle 11g web technologies. Genis has won the Golden National Innovation Award for its paperless cloud business based on the e-Invoices® information solution and partner services - the first in the ICT industry. The e-Invoices® 3.0 WAS version in the Alcloud cloud received the IBM IBM Solution Excellence Award 2012. We expanded the e-GenDoc process document system on the Microsoft SharePoint platform with new solutions for paperless sales, namely the module for managing e-Offers offers and the module for issuing and storing electronic invoices i-Invoices. We have developed an e-Panel project management system. Together with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia, we completed the e-Apostille project and developed a solution for the certification of e-Certification documents.

New solutions

The i-Policist mobile information system for police officers in the field received a silver award for innovation. We celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Registry and created the e-DISP solution for access to data in state registers for the needs of electronic business G2G, G2C and G2B. At the main annual business meeting Genisvet 2012, we presented a strategy for the development of flexible mobile process information solutions and new solutions such as iBankir for mobile sales of banking services, iPodeller for field sales and iMaintenance for mobile support of maintenance teams and other service personnel. The e-Presence solution was upgraded with the mobile application for recording working hours i-Presence. In order to ensure the maximum trust of our clients, we upgraded the previous security policy and business quality management system ISO 9001 with the information security management system ISO / IEC 27001: 2005 and obtained the certificate Administrative area for the protection of confidential documents.

Recognition for innovation by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

We integrated the e-Invoices® business solution with the IBM AS / 400 system, thus enabling large manufacturing and financial companies to operate modern paperless operations. As the first Slovenian partner of the world's largest manufacturer of business software solution Oracle, we acquired a specialization in Oracle SOA technologies based on business process integration projects in the Mladinska Knjiga Group and interoperable projects for business optimization in Slovenian public administration: e-Rojstva, PanEU, IO Vrtci and ECRN. We expanded the e-GenDoc paperless business system by managing purchasing folders in the e-Office. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia awarded us a bronze award for innovation for the solution of mobile project management. As part of the European RISER project, we created an information service that enables Slovenian users to obtain data on the residences of persons from EU countries and to check the addresses of the inhabitants of the Republic of Slovenia.

A modern data center

With the project Security Scheme of the Information System of Administrative Internal Affairs, we completed the segment of the entire project of renovation of registers or records managed by the Ministry of the Interior. We supported the process of issuing biometric residence permits for foreigners and issuing border passes. We presented our innovative information systems for e-business of public administration and the implementation of eGovernment services at the largest trade fair event in the field of information technologies in the Middle East and Africa GITEX 2010, in Dubai. We have successfully introduced a new generation of e-GenDoc process document solutions on the Microsoft platform in the Sava, Salonit and Alpina business groups. We accredited internal rules for secure storage services according to ZVDAGA and built a modern data center.

The best business solution on SharePoint

The renovation of the register of weapons documents and trafficking in weapons and explosives was completed, we upgraded the Register of Aliens and at the same time enabled language course providers to access and edit data online and to issue forms. As part of the Registry, we provided electronic forms for submission electronically. We decided on the technological transition to Microsoft SharePoint and started transferring best business practices and building innovative e-Business solutions. With them, we also convinced Microsoft, which awarded us the award for the best business solution on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

High Performance Workplace

We completed the construction of the Register of Identity Cards, the Register of Societies, Political Parties and Institutions, introduced the e-Photographer and facilitated and accelerated the work at administrative units by introducing scanners and signature plates within the Modern Workplace project. We have joined the European Civil Registry Network project, which would enable the electronic exchange of master data between EU institutions.

e-Photographer and ID card register

We successfully completed the construction of the data warehouse, handed over the Asylum Register for use, upgraded the Citizenship Register and started building the Register of Associations, Political Parties and Institutions and the Register of Identity Cards. This year we also started implementing the e-Fotograf project and creating the functionality of a modern workplace. Towards the end of the year, we began to renovate the registers of weapons and explosives.

Fourth generation CRP

With the integration of CRP into the system of records of administrative internal affairs, we started the construction of the 4th generation CRP. We started with the technological transition from Oracle 8.04 data server to 10.g. and with a comprehensive rationalization that will enable modern, friendly, successful business also for CRP application users. With the implementation of the information system for biometric travel documents, we completed the renovation of the Register of Travel Documents and began preparations for the renovation of the Real Estate Register and the Register of Spatial Units. We have completed the renovation of the register of the Employment Service and the Register of Aliens.

Basic sources for the Central Population Register

In Genis, we completed the construction and handed over for use several registers, which are the basic sources for the Central Population Register: the Register of Persons, the Register of Permanent Residents, the Register of Aliens and the Register of Citizenships.

End of connection

We have completed the connection between e-CRP and the register of the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute. As part of the MR and RSP renovation project, we completed the planning of the information solution and began preparing for the construction of both basic state registers.

e-Central Population Register

The CRP has became a central database in e-government and a data linking center that not only offers or transmits data, but is also a service provider. We have developed an e-CRP solution that enables connection to other national registers and access to CRP online. Through e-CRP, a direct connection was established with the registers of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, the Land Cadastre (Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Slovenia), the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Affairs, the Employment Service and the Clearing and Depository Corporation, AJPES and with the Criminal Records at the Ministry of Justice. In the same year, we started the technological renovation of the Register of Permanent Residents (RSP) and the Registry, which are one of the basic data sources for CRP.

New services at EU level

An eGovernment work strategy has been set up in line with the European Union Action Plan. At Genis, we have created a service for accessing personal master data, which is a novelty on a European scale.

Outstanding Achievement Award

Genis was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award in the field of CER / MEA (Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa) in 2001 by IBM corporation for his extremely successful work on the projects "e-Invoices for SAP in Lek d.d." and "e-Invoices for SAP in Sava d.d.". At the same time, Genis received recognition from IBM Slovenia for successful server sales. iSeries and IBM software in 2001.

The first implementations of standard solutions

By the end of the year, we strengthened our staff and prepared the first implementations of our standard information solutions: e-Invoices, e-IsoDok, e-TehDok and e-Proj, and with e-Invoices we were shortlisted for the award for best business solution at Lotusphere's largest Lotus conference. . We introduced e-Invoices in SAVA, ETI Elektroelement and ETA Cerkno. In cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana, we introduced software support for the management of the Central Population Register. The CRP-VLOP project brought Genis, CVI and the Ministry of the Interior a nomination for the European award for the best information solution in public administration.

The first Genisvet

GENISVET event was organized for the first time and launched of the main slogan of our company "Environmentally friendly information solutions".


The result of the development were custom applications in Lotus Notes, which gave an incentive for further development of the company. We have completely taken over the administration of computer support IS in RAŠICA. We became agents for the Gartner Group information and offered Slovenian informatics an independent opinion of global analysts on development trends, providers and offers.

Central Population Register

In the autumn, we started participating in the project of renovating the Central Population Register and, together with SORS, CVI and FRI, developed a data model for the future CRP. At the same time, we prepared strategies for the introduction of automation of group work in the Lotus Notes environment and began installing and introducing the Lotus Notes environment in the companies LEK and ISKRAEMECO and Zavarovalnica Triglav, Dolenjska Banka and Nova KBM. In the following years, we significantly increased the number of associates, provided scholarships and invited FRI students to participate in the last years of study. Lotus has granted us the status of Advance Business Partner due to the high qualification of our employees (certification).

Lotus Notes

To automate workflows, we chose the most advanced Lotus Notes environment, which was just beginning to gain ground in large global organizations at the time. A good starting point was the personal friendly connections of the company's founder and director Stane Štefančič with the most advanced developers in the USA. The first projects were consultancy where we participated with our knowledge in the renovation of information systems: Zavarovalnica Triglav, LEK, PEKO, MURA, LIP, Ilirija and RAŠICA. In the projects, we used CASE tools and code generators to "generate" information systems for business partners.

Starting a business

Genis was founded in May 1994 with the vision of helping companies renovate their information systems reengineering services and introduce teamwork automation in the Lotus Notes environment. On behalf of Genis, we summarized our vision, namely, “generating information systems.” Business partners quickly adopted the name because it meant freshness in the approach to developing and renovating information systems.

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