e-Invoices OS – up to 40% cheaper paperless operations on Linux

10 julija, 2021

The e-Invoices OS Document Management System running on JBoss/PostgreSQL standard open source platforms provides high-performance and affordability of paperless operations for procurement.

Selecting the best document management system and paperless operations for the business means facing a number of issues, from the cost to security. Any document management system must be effective despite limitless growth in documents, users and supported operating procedures. Users requiring an open source document management system delivering security and reliability, rely on Genis e-Invoices OS. This is due to its affordability and high performance for both medium and large enterprises and international business groups. The latest from Genis for the Linux operating system runs on the JBoss application server and PostgreSQL database server. By using open source technologies and smaller demands in terms of processing power and memory, e-Invoices OS is available at up to 40 per cent lower total cost for document management systems compared to solutions based on licensed technology.

“Companies introducing paperless operations are bound to an initial investment or rental cost when using cloud infrastructure. Despite the fact that higher quality and more sophisticated solutions generally bring greater financial impact and process improvements, cost is usually the main criterion when choosing a document management system,” explained Janko Štefančič, Director of Genis.

Most companies aiming to introduce document management systems are forced to buy new hardware or rent infrastructure services. Existing servers may be out dated, insufficiently powerful or simply lack the capacity for new applications and data. Hardware requirements and licensing system software can also represent up to 70 per cent of the investment in a document management system. “Open source technologies such as JBoss and PostgreSQL require much less processing power and memory than some of the licensed technology favourites, being inherently cost-free, or at least much cheaper,” said Štefančič. From this perspective, implementing e-Invoices OS is a more favourable cost-effective implementation regardless of whether it is a local or cloud operation.

The e-Invoices OS Document Management System is an attractive solution for paperless operations in fast-growing companies, since there are virtually no restrictions on the volume of documentation and the number of users. It also offers multilingual use, including statutory localisation for regional markets.

E-Invoices OS is the third version of Genis’ document management system for Java technology, previously available on IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic and IAS application servers. Companies using it, can further increase the flexibility of their business’ IT strategy, utilising high-performance database technologies, that can also be used in conjunction with Oracle and IBM DB2 database servers.

"Certainly, the great advantage of this system is the potential to consolidate paperless operations in associated companies and international business groups. A single installation can manage multiple business operations at the same time, which is important for business groups implementing IT support operations from a central data centre or private cloud."

Janko Štefančič CEO
Janko Štefančič

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