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As a successful and stable company, we invite new employees to our team.

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Just the right size

We are a medium-sized company that currently employs 33 people. Because we are aware of the constant changes in the market, we cooperate and educate ourselves with the help of external collaborators. Together we maintain a stable culture and climate in the company.

Family owned company

We are proud that our company is run by the second generation of successful entrepreneurs. One of our core values is family. As a family-friendly company, we care about the well-being of all employees.

Diversity among employees

At Genis, the average age of all employees is 39, which brings the right balance between experience and innovation. We are aware that for the best results we requires the right measure of diversity among employees.


The success of projects and work largely depends on employees and their work. In order to increase efficiency, we adapt to the individual, enable the distribution of work within a wide range of frames and work from home.


Everyone in the company are like a large family, which is also evident through our year-round gatherings. On so called Genis Days with carefully planned activities we socialize at least four times a year. Among other things, we also organize a family picnic, participate in team buildings and celebrate the company's achievements.

Health is a priority

The nature of work and the culture of the organization leads us to be aware of the disadvantages of sitting, screens, ... For this purpose, with various activities we also take care of health in the workplace such as workshops, customized workplace, massages, ...

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