International breakthrough for the confirmed technological accomplishment of Genis’ state registers

10 julija, 2019

Genis achieves compliance status for the latest Oracle infrastructure and analytics implementations, and eases into the international marketing and sales of its core information systems for managing state administrations.

Oracle, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial information technology company, has awarded Genis, one of the leading manufacturers of IT solutions for e-government and e-commerce, (compliance) status for Oracle Database Ready, Oracle Solaris Ready, Oracle Exadata Ready and Oracle SuperCluster Ready applications in its development of (Slovenian) state registers. This status recognises the high technological accomplishment of Genis’ state registers, such as the Civil Register, Register of Citizenship, Central Population Register, Register of Permanent Residents and other fundamental government information systems, including the Registry of Biometric Passports, Register of Biometric ID cards, Registry of Foreigners and others. The global credibility of this status underpins the breakthrough of Genis’ information systems for state administration on the international market, with solutions that have positioned Slovenia among the nations with the most developed e-government.

“A great number of international professional organizations operating in the field of state administration, business analysts, and even the United Nations, have recognized Genis’ state register as one of the best in the world. Oracle’s awarded status demonstrate this from the technological perspective,” said Stane Štefančič, founder of Genis d.o.o.

The new Oracle Database Ready, Oracle Solaris Ready, Oracle Exadata Ready, Oracle SuperCluster Ready status confirm that Genis state registries have been designed and built according to the highest technological standards while supporting the latest technology for building data warehousing, reporting and analytical systems.

Genis also holds the highest competence in Oracle technologies, and, as an Oracle Gold Partner, specialises in the development of IT solutions and services for Oracle data servers and SOA technologies for the integration of interoperable information systems and applications.

"Genis state registries offer an outstanding processing and technological core that enables state administrations to increase productivity, eliminate administrative barriers and develop a population- and economically-friendly service. At the same time it provides them with quality information for decision-making in the management of major government policies."

Stane Štefančič Founder
Stane Štefančič

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