Genis e-Invoices: Slovenia’s first global information solution for electronic business

10 februarja, 2020

Genis has announced the release of a new online international IT solution for electronic commerce in the purchasing process – e-Invoices. A new feature is its compatibility with standard web application platforms and data infrastructure which organizations already use, thereby providing a low cost of ownership and rapid return on investment.


Genis, a leading supplier of IT solutions for e-business enterprises and public administrations, has announced the release of the international information solution for the management of the certification of received invoices e-Invoices.

Genis international e-Invoices solution works on the World Wide Web technology, on the standard web programming platforms and does not use license document management systems. This is the first of Genis solutions for the purchasing process, which has been designed in the international English language version, while the Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian versions will be also provided by the company from the very start. In addition to the system for the certification of received invoices, Genis has also announced an international version of the information solution e-Office used for email, folder and file management, e-Orders for the certification of internal orders and orders to suppliers and the register of contracts e-Contract.

e-Invoices is an information solution that is designed for business environments from 50 to 1,000s of users and it meets the requirements of large enterprises and international business groups. The major advantage of e-Invoices is that it transfers the standard functionalities of proven solutions for the certification of received invoices by e-Invoices to high-end web programming bases, which are already being used by large organizations for their business information systems, without any requirement for additional documentation systems. e-Invoices, therefore, is distinguished by its very attractive cost of ownership as the companies for using this IT solution do not need to invest in other licensed technologies, besides those that they are already using. In this way, it maintains past investments and increases their value and does not affect the fluid management information system.

Investing in e-Invoices pays off in less than 9 months due to the number of savings in the process of validation of received invoices in a large organization, while the introduction of the standard version takes only 2 to 3 months. This means introducing the e-Invoices IT solution contributes to business profit through cost reductions to firms within one business year.

e-Invoices is a global solution to the user also from a technological point of view. It is originally in the English language and will soon be available in Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian and Russian; further language localization will follow further development of sales activities.

e- Invoices supports both current and future methods of data exchange with business partners (both paper and electronic documents), while facilitating the integration of electronic exchanges and electronic archiving of various offers. “A special advantage of e-Invoices is that it is practically independent of the applied technology and operates in various commercial and open-source IT environments, which significantly extends its usability and accessibility,” said Janko Stefancic, Technical Director at Genis. The new version of e-Invoices work on web application servers, Oracle WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, SAP NetWeaver and Jboss and can be used with different databases such as Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and PosgreeSQL. Genis provides connectivity of e-Invoices with the established standard business IT systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Infor (Baan).

"Over 19 years ago, Genis registered the e-Invoices trademark and ever since then it has been setting new standards in the field of IT solutions for electronic commerce in the purchasing process. With the IT e-Invoices solution we set new milestones, as our best practices, developed in many years of cooperation with a range of large Slovenian companies, has opened up for use on the world market, where customers will not need to introduce new technologies, but can take advantage of their past investments. "

Stane Štefančič Founder of Genis d.o.o.
Stane Štefančič

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